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So clean and clear you can almost walk into it.  Almost. _MG_0101

christine wears:
striped asymmetrical skirt | bella lux via free people (on sale here)
silk blouse | ann taylor (similar in navy here)
booties | madewell (similar in black here)
leaf necklace | f21
double drop hoop earrings | old (similar here, splurge here)

We recently installed brand spankin’ new shower doors, which means this is probably the cleanest they will ever be, right?  WRONG.  Not if I can help it!  In an effort to prevent a soap scum takeover, I’ve been cleaning the shower diligently to prevent build up.  As you may already know (unless you’ve never cleaned your shower, which in that case, gross) soap scum can be very stubborn to remove.  I’ve tried those after shower sprays and automatic shower cleaners, but the soap scum still builds up and never comes off as well as those cute magical scrubbing bubbles in all the commercials say they do.  So in the wise words of my mama, clean regularly and you won’t have to deal with stubborn build up!  So far, so good.  Christine: 1.  Soap scum: 0.