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Our beautiful friend, Shrutee, just got married!!! Is there anything more fab and exciting than attending an Indian wedding?! Probably not! (…though Comic-Con might come to a close second). There are ceremonies upon ceremonies, which is a LOT to take in.  Luckily, Shruts prepared us for the ceremonies by sending us this “cheat sheet” of what to expect at an Indian Wedding. See: #6 GO BIG OR GO HOME and #10 There is no such thing as too much colour. PREACH IT. It’s like the words came straight outta my mouth. 

I mean, honestly. GLAMOUR. COLOUR. GOLD. BLING ON BLING. An Indian wedding is the most glorious event ever. Remember we tried on Shalwar Kameez a couple month’s back? Well here’s our beautiful picks for the first part of the wedding, the Mangalik Prasango: 

alice wears: mustard shalwar kameez, bangles on bangles, henna by janki
gina wears: wine shalwar kameez, bangles on bangles, henna by janki

and, as yogurt addicts, you can just imagine how happy we were for this:

Our beautiful bride’s amazing wedding mehndi: 

To recap: 9 Reasons We Love Indian Weddings was spot on. So, be sure to stay tuned TOMORROW for more pictures from the main event!!!!